Board of Directors

Robert Grilley –¬†Secretary

Robert Grilley

Rob Grilley became a member of the Common Bond Board in October of 2015. He has lived in New Mexico for about 3 years and became involved with Common Bond’s U-21 program as a volunteer facilitator after moving here. Rob grew up and lived in southern Connecticut for most of his life before coming to Albuquerque. His background is primarily in teaching and childcare; he currently works for the city’s public library and continues to facilitate for the U-21 program.

Elizabeth Trujillo – Treasurer

Elizabeth Trujillo

Elizabeth Trujillo joined the Board of Directors of Common Bond in June 2018 after taking a interest in the well being of LGBTQ youth and their rights as children to live a judgment free life. She is also interested in the improvement of our education system, woman’s rights, human rights, and overall equality for everyone. Elizabeth has been a New Mexico resident all her life and served in the U.S. Army. She currently works for the Department of the Air Force as a Budget Analyst. She attended the University of New Mexico where she received her BBA in Accounting as well as a BA in Sociology, and New Mexico Highland University, where she completed her MBA in Management.