What: Common Bond U-21
Where: 1103 Texas St., Albuquerque, New Mexico 87110-7813
When: Every Friday Night from 7pm – 9:30pm

For Youth

For more than thirty years, Common Bond’s U-21 Project has provided one of the only places for Albuquerque’s LGBTQ youth to socialize in a safe, welcoming, and affirming environment. Every Friday night, Albuquerque youth under the age of 21, come together to discuss issues and play games in an environment free of bullying or judgment, an environment where every student can express their true self without fear of being teased, mistreated, or physically harmed. In a world where LGBT rights are still being debated, and members of the LGBT community are still victims of prejudice and abuse, organizations such as U-21 are critical to the health and well being of our city’s youth.

Participants in U-21 reflect a wide spectrum of race, religion, and socio-economic backgrounds.

The participants are all different and understandably have different reasons for attending U-21.  Most young people come every Friday night because they enjoy playing games and socializing with their peers. We work to provide an environment that can be fun as well as supportive and educational. We frequently invite guest speakers from outside organizations.

For Parents

U-21 is facilitated by an inspiring group of volunteers that have all been vetted by the program organizer and agree to abide by strict confidentiality and no-fraternization policies. Facilitators have reach-back capability to several licensed counselors and contacts at the Children Youth and Families Department, should the need arise to refer a matter out to a trained social worker.

Do you have questions about raising an LGBT youth?  You are not alone.  There are lots of resources that you can access to get answers to questions.

Our Parent-only Facebook group:

You can discuss issues with other parents by joining our parent only Facebook group.  Find useful resources, ask questions, make connections.  Search for us on Facebook under “U-21 Parent Group”.  All discussions and posts are confidential.  The kids do not have access to the page.

Useful Links for Parents:

Here are some useful links that can help answers questions.

Coming Out: Use Information for Parents of LGBTQ Teens.

Tips for Parents of LGBTQ Youth.

You can always ask questions directly by leaving us a voice message at 505-636-0845 or emailing as at info@commonbondnm.org


In addition to Friday night activities, U-21 sponsors events throughout the year.  Approximately once a month we organize trips to the movies, for our movie schedule check the Calendar of Events link listed below.

Pride Fest 2019 was amazing!  For the first time in years we had over 20 youth, parents, and allies marching with us—showing their pride!

U-21 at Pride Fest 2019

Check out testimonials and our It Gets Better Video: click here.

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